Tierra del Fuego National Park - End of the World Train

Located 11 km. from Ushuaia, it is the only coastal National Park of the country.
Heading west along the National Road N║ 3, visitors can reach the park via bus, taxis, car rentals or just trekking along marked trails.
While entering the park, you can make a detour to see Ensenada Bay, a great spot where you can take good pictures of the Channel waters and Isla Redonda.
Back on the road, flanked by a dense green forest of lengas, ˝ires and cohiues, you will reach a bridge over Lapataia River. At this spot you can get a first glimpse of the surrounding area, and do some walking around Laguna Negra, Lake Roca, and Mirador Lapataia.
Following the winding gravel road, you will get to Lapataia Bay, where a sign indicates the end of the National Road 3.
On the bay shore you will have the chance to see steamer ducks, clovers and cauquenes.

End of the World Train

Taking a bus, departing from the Ushuaia Civic Square, and travelling west along the National Road 3, you reach the Train Central Station, just 8 km. away from the city. A replica of the original train is used to carry visitors and let them experience the same journey that prisoners were forced to make decades ago. Ancient forests of hundreds of years, peat bogs and even a reconstructed indian settlement, can be seen during the ride. Finally, after a brief stop at the Macarena Waterfall, the train will lead you into the limits of the National Park.

Escondido Lake - Fagnano Lake

A marvellous view awaits you, 60 km. north of Ushuaia, going along the National Road N║ 3.
Leaving behind the main winter centres, you will find this beautiful lake, at the foot of the Garibaldi Pass.
At the southern end of the lake there is a Hostel where you can have a meal or a drink, before starting your own treks.

It's worthwhile to explore the surrounding area; the quiet beauty of this embosomed landscape captures both eyes and imagination. Fishing lovers can also have a good time at the lake's shore. The trip takes about 7 hours.

Fagnano Lake

Heading northwards through the Garibaldi Pass, 450 metres above sea level and 100 km. from Ushuaia, you will reach the Fagnano Lake.
An excellent place to get memorable sights of sunlight reflections on the water, birds flying over the lake, and the mountains silhouetted against the setting sun.
A few kilometres away, there is a cabin complex nearby Tolhuin, a picturesque little town. This is a half-day trip.

Short Maritime Tour

Leaving the local harbour, you can do a navigation in sailboats, catamarans or vessels along the Channel and admire the sight of the mountain range that surrounds the city.
Isla de los Lobos and Isla de los Pßjaros, on the Bridges Archipielago, are good spots for watching sea lions, cormorants, albatrosses, skuas, petrels and seagulls.
Another interesting part of the trip is the famous lighthouse Les Eclaireurs and the Estancia T˙nel, an historic site on the northern shore.
These navigations have an average duration time of two or three hours.