Iguazu Falls (Argentine's side)

A train departs from the Central Station located 400 mts from the main gate. You may take the train or a 20-minute easy walk along Sendero Verde (green trail). Both ways will get you to Cataratas Station. The second part of the train ride leaves from Cataratas Station and goes to Garganta del Diablo. From here there is a half-hour walk to the Garganta del Diablo waterfall.
The Upper Circuit starts at Cataratas Station. It is a 20 min. walk - 1200 mts trail - with low difficulty and no stairs. In here you will get aerial views of the falls through different observation points.
The Lower Circuit requires more physical effort but it can be perfectly done if you take it slowly, catching your breath on the different viewpoints. The falls are seen from the bottom, at river level.
The Lower Circuit continues down to the Iguazu river, where the boat crosses over to San Martin island. If you have any physical impairment, stay away from this last section.

Gran Aventura

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Iguazu Falls (Brasilian's side)

The tour departs by bus from the Visitor Center. Macuco is the first bus stop: a short trail that runs across the rainforest into a 25 mts waterfall: the Macuco Fall. After Macuco the bus goes 1 km stopping at diverse observation posts that offer sights of the Falls. The main one is Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s throat).
At the end of the bus route, Puerto Canoas comprises a large infrastructure that includes souvenir stores, toilets, fast foods and a restaurant.

San Ignacio Ruines - The mines of Wanda

San Ignacio Ruines

San Ignacio is located 250 km from Puerto Iguazú, along Ruta Nacional N°12. The bus/car will take you to the main gate where you will get the tickets and meet your Guide.
This mission is a vivid evidence of the intents to join the Christian and native cultures. San Ignacio was founded as a consequence of the exodus of the Guaraní Indians led by priest Antonio Ruiz Montoya to get away from slavery in Brazil. Other groups also migrated and founded some 30 villages at the banks of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers.
Here the Guaraní indians developed their farming and agriculture habits under the Jesuits` guidance. They also explored art and printed books, some of them written in their mother tongue. San Ignacio is the oldest Jesuit community in the region founded in 1632 . It was rediscovered in 1897 and preserved to this days.
Visitors are always impressed by the remains of buildings scattered around 10 hectares of what had originally been the playground, the church, the graveyard, the residences of missionaries, and the city walls. Sculptures and carvings can also be seen at the museum. The buildings were destroyed in the 18th century when the Jesuits were expelled from South America.
For more information on this story, see the film The Mission starring Robert De Niro.
Santa Maria, Santa Ana, Candelaria and Loreto are other missions found in the region, although they are not as well preserved.

The mines of Wanda
Wanda is an open-air facility with precious and semiprecious stones. The tour is done with specialized guides in order to visit the factories, the manufacturing shops and the show rooms. Jewels, gems and other ornamental items are available for sale.