Tour Todo Glaciares

The bus departs from El Calafate and after 45 minutes arrives to the port of Punta Bandera. Travelers board the catamaran and sail toward Upsala Glacier. This is the largest continental glacier with walls reaching 80 mts/240 feet.
Later on the boat reaches the Onelli Glacier where travelers unboard at nearby Bahia Onelli to have lunch at the local restaurant. This area holds a beautiful native forest and Laguna Onelli, a natural pond where glaciers Onelli, Bolado and Agassi converge. The pond is full of small icebergs.

The ship then sails to Spegazzini glacier, the highest in the park with 135 mts/405 feet and 25 kmts long.

From here the ship heads back to Punta Bandera where travelers take the buses back to El Calafate.

Perito Monero Glacier

The bus departs from El Calafate and after 45 minutes arrives to the National Park entrance - 85 kmts/52 miles away - where visitors must purchase their tickets. From here it takes another 20 minutes to get to the Perito Moreno glacier.
The glacier is a 35 kmts-wide ice field descending toward the lake. It ends in a 70 mts/210 feet wall above the lake. The trails are located right in front of the wall. You start walking from the top and descend almost to lake level.

There is a food parlor at the parking lot where you can buy basic food, snacks and beverages. However, most travelers prefer to take their own lunch box and sit overlooking the glacier.
People remember two things about the Perito Moreno glacier: the loudness of silence and the sound of falling ice magnified by the glacier wall.

Tour operators usually allow 3-4 hrs to watch the glacier and around 3pm buses depart to arrive at El Calafate by 5pm.

Minitrekking Perito Moreno

The tour starts at the Bajo de las Sombras pier which is located about 3 km before the Perito Moreno Glacier wall. The boat crosses the Rico branch and the group gets off to start the trekking. Tourist are divided into small groups and assigned a Guide. Crampons are provided for all group members. The trek lasts about 2 hours over the Glacier among ice peaks, towers, turquoise blue cracks and small lagoons. It is an easy walk. We recommend wearing trekking shoes, thick socks, long trousers, jacket, sweater, sun glasses, sun block, gloves and hat. The tour is no recommended for children under 10 or people with disabilities.

Walichu Caves

They are located at 9 Km to the East of El Calafate, taking the State route N° 11, 6 km to the East and then 3 km from a road towards North that leads to the coast of the Argentino Lake. At Punta Gualicho we shall find spongy rocks worn away by the wind erosion that had formed caves where to watch rupestrian pre-Columbian paintings. It represents an archeological site of great importance for the province, as they were the first rupestrian paintings found in the province of Santa Cruz.